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Tool for copying Settings

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    That would be cool...

    In the meantime, we can use a trick to copy an setting we need. Select more than one gadget. Tweak one of them. Now when you make a change, all selected gadgets of that same type will change too. For example, selecting a load of movers, tweaking one, and changing its speed to 5m/s will result in all those movers having a speed of 5m/s.

    So if you have one gadget with the correct speed, but want others to have that speed, you could do the same. Then use up, down on the dpad to change the speed a tiny bit and change it back again. Now they all have that same speed.

    You can use that for any setting too--including colours. Though for that you'll need to tap X and hope it doesn't move too much. To help with that you can grab the tweak menu and scale it up. And now any little wiggle your hand makes when you tap X will have less effect.

    And of course you can copy any gadget and the copy will have all the settings of the old one, but I'm guessing you're talking about cases where that isn't feasible.

  • thyon

    Yeah, my second  paragraph covered the main reason, copying a gadget links you to the genealogy of that element, which I hate. Thus the only way to copy is the double select and tweak way, but that still is super tedious to do, especially for sound gadgets which has a lot of tabs and even if you try your best, you sometimes have to unfortunately edit the item value  unintentionally off it’s value like the position of an X/Y grid position of a chorus, or distortion, or colour value. 

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