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Easter Egg Hunt

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Hello again :D

    Could you say more on how this differs from prize bubbles themselves?

  • thyon

    I don’t likee prize bubbles because you have to create unique element to attach to them, and the different between collecting and collected is very slight. Would’ve been cool if we could use it as a cheap tracked collectible without having to resort to variables, etc.

  • Skn3--

    Hi hi,

    Essentially its the same as prize bubbles, but its more about categorisation, persistance (as thyon points out) and expanding their use. So a group of Dreamers could decide to run an "easter egg hunt". They could create an "easter egg hunt" and then tag certain "prizes" as "this belongs to easter egg hunt". It doesn't have to be tied to a single creation, the persistance of collected items is handled automatically. If the hunt has a start and//or end date then Dreams would handle concealing those easter eggs until the apropriate time. This would allow hunts to be set up in existing creations!

    If MM provided a dedicated way for the community to create these "pages" within dreams, it would help advertise to players that there is a sub-game. A "page" could show stuff like when the hunt starts, how many days left (optionally), the current leaderboard of who has the most easter eggs, and so on. Users could "join" an up and coming hunt. They would then get notified of its start and be able to track it on their feeds!

    Think Ready Player One! "TapGiles has just collected the first key!".

    With that idea in mind, perhaps there could be logic to detect if a player has a particular easter egg! So in order to open Door B a user needs Easter Egg A. Simple (relatively) logic to implement with great possibilites! 

    Remember when Dreams hadn't launched yet and the idea of all dreams linking into each other via glowing doors? This is kind of a nod to that. 

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