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How do I delete prizes I get from playing a level?

  • Kwizzam

    I don't think we can.

    However, you can search and filter the list with the little button to the left. Some people make collections with all their favorite prize pick ups. That's an option if there's only a few of them you like.

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    They're all just there, as Kwizzam says. Why do you want to remove some?

  • MySpirit_1111

    Thanks, Kwizzam!


    A holdover from LBP3, I guess. I would get so many "junk" prizes and it would get to where I had to remove many of them, just to keep it all manageable, or because I hit some kind of limit within LBP. If there is no limitation, then it isn't a problem. Searching with filters and/or making collections seems like it might be a good way to sort it.

    Thanks, to you both. I am still figuring out this system. There is so much that is really great and so much  that is confusing to me. I am glad I can just ask somebody who has been using Dreams for awhile.  Cheers!

  • MySpirit_1111

    Also, the real reason for the question was because I thought I saw a  forum post mentioning that they deleted a couple of their prizes and it didn't sound like they were talking about prize bubbles, so the question arose. How do I  do that? Thanks, again!

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Ah, there's no limitation, so it's fine on that front at least. Also, you only see a "prizes" tab in the homespace, and that's only for Mm prizes anyway. In normal create mode you don't see a "prizes" list at all.

    For creator prizes, it just lets you use those prize elements even when they're set to be "private"--because you've collected them. So I guess they'll show up in searches when normally they wouldn't--stuff like that.

    I actually have Dreams documentation that covers everything. You might be able to find answers there too, in future :D

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