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PS5 Version and PSVR2 Support

  • x-rOtT

    When dreams come true

  • DerMikeVR

    I have a dream...about PSVR2 Support

  • UncleM_Games

    As things are now, a PS5 version is pretty low on the wishlist for me.  After not being able to get a PS5 for 2 years, I now feel that i'm really not missing anything and Sony hasn't given me reason to even want one at this point.  I was and still am somewhat hyped for PSVR2 though, but that excitement was tempered after learning that Dreams would not support VR2.  I'm still interested. but in a hold pattern until i see where Sony takes it.  Dreams would push it over the finish line though, and a PS5 and VR2 would then be much more likely purchases.  

    All that being said, Mm needs to do whatever it takes to not let Dreams die.  Is a PS5 version the answer? I'm not sure.  However, the current trajectory doesn't instil confidence. 

  • Funkycreeper88

    The problem with a PS5 update is that it is obviously locked to PS5. Now that the two versions aren't running side by side, multiple issues suddenly arise. The already low player base gets cut in half, and that would probably kill the game off pretty quickly. Most likely, the PS5 version would have access to PS4 content, but what about the other way around? If a user sculpts a simple rock on PS5, none of the PS4 users would be able to use it. Updates may not even release at the same time for each version.


    A similar situation happened with Minecraft once they broke into 2 main editions, Java and Bedrock. Same game, but not the same player base.


    The best update for them to be working on would definitely be online multiplayer, and Mm already knows this. No reason to spam the same question every update/livestream.

  • Tattoo82

    Well, I don't see it that way at all. A Ps5 version would increase the number of users again and not halve it if you do it right. Why shouldn't a brick created on PS5 be usable on PS4? As long as a creation doesn't exceed the PS4 thermometer, it's all good. If a creation exceeds the PS4 thermometer, it is PS5 only. I don't know where the problem should lie here. So you would just have a new category for creations. Now it's already "Only in VR".

  • Funkycreeper88

    Yes, that would definitely work.

    I think the thermo might possibly be software, not hardware limitations. Even if they created a PS5 edition of Dreams, they might have to rework the thermo system entirely. Mainly because the game gives you warnings of performance drops when your hardware begins to struggle, not when you are at a certain thermo percentage.
    I believe thermo is also to assist in download times and prevent the game from overloading on resources.

    If they made thermo 2.0, and a PS5 user now has about 125-150% thermo, any creation exceeding 100% would be hidden from PS4.
    A dream containing a scene exceeding 100% would either hide the entire dream, or allow the user to skip the scene.

    Sure, it would be a nice addition, but a little extra room to mess with doesn't really have that wow! factor to bring people in/back.

    If Mm really wants to pursue this, go ahead, but I'm still waiting for the exporting and online multiplayer mostly.

  • thyon

    And now you have your answer.

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