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Dreams Server Migration - Bugs & Feedback Mostrada Destacada
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An update on server changes and live service support for Dreams Mostrada Destacada
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Has anyone happened the same with the calculator?
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Big Problem with the publication of Dreams
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¿How long does it take for administrators to approve a message?
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Creation unplayable due to an unexpected error! Please provide a solution!
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I would greatly appreciate any assistance and guidance for my new game project Amazing Animals
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Question regarding Prize Bubbles after the Server Migration
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Life after dreams
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What's taking up my local storage?
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Saving Limits Post-Server Migration
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I’m reviving DreamsCom! (UPDATE)
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How will the new deletion ability affect online creations?
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Banned symbols
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I talk to ChatGPT about dreams and hear how it went
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PS5 Version and PSVR2 Support
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THE LUCKY MAZE - Map Project
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What disqualifies you for an impy?
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Bug fixes and scoreboards
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Happy Birthday Dreams!
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I just released my first fully playable game, A Walk in the Park! Check out this Lemmings-inspired platform puzzler that rewards creative solutions and strategic thinking.
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Is the Mm Music Copyright Free?
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I enjoyed the analytics stream
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PSVR2 Update
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New Year's Resolution
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Scene Limit Bug
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BUG REPORT: Multiplayer - latest player to possess object does not respawn.
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Create Mode TLC Part #5 - Bugs & Issues Thread ⚙️🐛
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Hide Thermo
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