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Banned symbols

  • UncleM_Games

    To some people it's a symbol, to others it is simply a number.  Are you saying that someone should not be able to depict their favorite sports star because someone else intentionally misrepresents a number?  The last thing we need is more censorship. 

    Bad guys should be able to be depicted as bad guys.  People need to learn the difference between simply showing a symbol (especially within context), and promoting it.  Censorship puts us on the path of the very opposite of the message we all learned after WW2, NEVER FORGET.

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    If you type 88 into a comment and it's not censored into asterisks (I'm guessing not), then it won't be censored if you use that text.

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    I think you are all missing the meaning of my post. Swastikas and other White supremacist symbols are banned from use on Dreams, however the number 88, especially when rendered in a blackletter font is also a symbol for these groups and I was unclear as to whether the moderation team were aware of this an would act accordingly if a report was posted. Obviously the number in an innocent context would not be flagged.
    As for the argument that bad guys should have appropriate symbols, this is clearly not the stance Sony has taken or we would be able to use swastikas in our WW2 games and artwork - which we are not.

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