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PSVR2 Update

  • MroD_HaiDen

    We need a psvr 2 update 🤞 Dreams is a powerful game to create any experiences/games on VR !
    Please MM, dreamers need an official response 😁🥳

  • SwarmHammer

    PSVR2 is only compatible with PS5 games, and not backward compatible so Dreams would require a PS5 version/enhanced to be able to take advantage of the PSVR2. To be honest, they syill should make the current version better with PSVR especially the wzy they treat move controllers sensors. They should get rid of anything forced and let us use both moves equally, being able to do the exact same controls, grabbing and all kind of stuff with both. And not binding any buttons and actions internally, even grabbing we should be able to chose which button is used for grabbing. There is still an easy workaround, I never use grab, I use hover  AND the button of my choice, and create custom grabbing with transporters and followers.

    If we can manage it the hard way they can do it the easy way. I vote this up though because Dreams needs to keep up with the tech, if it wants to continue to bear  the accessibility of game development torch on the PlayStation. And get more traction over potential new Dreamers.

  • Slimjim_Dolee

    +1 would love to see a native PS5 PSVR 2 version. There are already creations I couldn't run on my PS4 pro that were made for PS5 so not really sure what the concern is of segregation as it is already happening.

    I don't use VR in dreams anymore as it is too much work to use old PSVR 1.

    Would love to see what the community can do with the new technology unleashed!

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