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I talk to ChatGPT about dreams and hear how it went

  • bojoke

    I think chatGPT is a cool tool . And wonder if dreams can use it to find neat ideas and advice

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    Well that was what I expected from ChatGPT - a whole bunch of saying absolutely nothing.
    Best solution for no multiplayer? ChatGPT response:
    1. Add multiplayer. 
    Well duh.
    2. Improve search, have a rating system, have tagged content
    We have all of these, though improved search would be welcome, and I have said so numerous times.
    3.Curated lists
    Yep have those.
    4. Chat system - at last something new and something that has been highlighted before in the community for the past 4 years and nothing has ever come of it.

    What can I make in Dreams?
    ChatGPT lists 5 game genres and describes what they are in a generic way. Not particularly helpful.

    I think ChatGPT is a mirror, and has nothing new to offer, because all it does is repeat what has already been said by human beings. I dont think any new ideas popped up here.

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