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  • VectorSlinger hizo un comentario,

    It's not best-practice, but one way to help deal with the limitation would be to build assets directly into a scene, rather than having them be separate elements that you then import. You could the...

  • VectorSlinger creó una publicación,

    How will the new deletion ability affect online creations?

    From the recent announcement: To help you manage your content you’ll now be able to delete, rather than archive, creations. I assume this applies to online creations, so we can stay within the ...

  • VectorSlinger creó una publicación,

    Ability to read player's Y-axis preference?

    As an Inverted-Y guy, and someone who likes to make my Dreams more accessible, it would be handy to have a port on something like the Global Settings gadget to read the player's X and Y-axis camera...