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Dreams Server Migration - Bugs & Feedback

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    June 2021 v2.26 You improved notifications by giving us a grid view.
    May 2023 You have taken away that improvement.
    Totally sucks. Is not on your list of "update features". We had no warning about it. Makes the notifications a jumbled mess of crap just like it was before when we all hated it. Congrats. 

  • Chunky104

    I agree with LadyLex. Some of these changes I can sort of see the logic behind, but I fail to see any justification for making the notifications UI worse. And no, I don't buy the "it would've been too strenuous on the new servers" argument.

    Speaking of things that weren't communicated in the release notes, extended descriptions. There was no indication that extended descriptions would be removed from, which is disappointing for me because I used them to write documentation for my creations (as opposed to stuffing it into the elements themselves).

    And then there's removals that just seem like overkill, like Prize Bubbles. I get that you can't use them for their original purpose anymore, but was it really necessary to completely remove them from the Create menu? It's not like existing Prize Bubbles don't still function as basic collectables anymore; why couldn't you have just altered the text to remove any mention of prizes and leaving it at that? Especially when removing it meant going to the trouble of adding a special popup for one tutorial; just seems like they were removed for the sake of removing stuff.

  • Ryan Wilkinson Mm Team

    Hi LadyLexUKChunky104

    While we worked hard to keep parity between the two servers where possible, not all features were able to be carried over. One of these features was the notifications change which were too expensive on the server. 

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    Hi Ryan
    Not all features were able to be carried over because you are all a bunch of cheapskates who have to run Dreams on the cheap, and were willing to completely screw over the game to do it. All the features I used to stream content have gone - Play Now, Dreams Buddy, Grid View Notifications. You have also completely screwed with the search facilities. Everyone trying to convince me that the server migration was no big deal, and it would be Dreams as usual just without more updates - well that wasn't true. Games aren't working, Dreamers are deleting things which is screwing up my collections, and it is just not fun any more. 
    You had a great game and you have just stuffed it up. Like I said, congrats. I used to work in IT, selling servers and cloud services, so I know a little something about servers and I am bewildered as to why you had to the butcher the game in this way - unless it was a case of cut your costs or turn off the server completely, and this was the best you could do. I will be amazed if Dreams exists in 12 months time.

  • TXPackerBacker

    A lot of features that were removed feel like they’re being removed for no good reason other than to remove stuff.


    Prize Bubbles

    - It’s literally just a collectible, it’s fine I guess to take out the whole “select a creation and make that as the prize” as it’s not often used but c’mon, why did it have to be erased entirely from the gadgets menu?

    Well, at least numerous people in the CoMmunity have preserved the prize bubbles in an element from before the migration, I guess.


    Grid View Notifications

    - This is one of the more baffling changes, I don’t know much about game development and I especially know nothing about servers, but sorting notifications in a grid view shouldn’t be that expensive? Isn’t it just changing the UI of how notifications are organized? Why would that be too expensive for the servers to handle?!


    Online Homespaces

    - Probably the most understandable removal since nobody really goes to other people’s homespaces, but it still absolutely sucks and removes personality from this game.

    Seeing others homespaces allowed you to see the limits of a creators imagination, as when working with limited tools, you have to be more creative and that’s exactly what homespaces are, limited.


    Removal of providing info on who is currently editing a collaborative scene.

    - This is next-level unnecessary, it was very useful to see who was editing, because let’s say I had a team for a game, where I designed scenery and story, X made music, Y made characters, and Z made logic.

    Being able to view who’s editing would allow me to not only be notified of somebody else editing (which thankfully remains intact, I guess) but it’d also allow me to see someone like Z editing, and I could therefore be able to see possibly hours ahead-of-time what part of the game is gonna be progressed today.

    + This is also a bad removal because let’s say I make a community collaboration like an AY/IS, and one of the probably 10 collaborators is editing the scene, before the migration I could see who was editing out of those 10, making it so if the person editing was doing something like trolling, and purposefully staying in the edit mode doing nothing so they could disrupt the progress of the collaboration, I could easily identify them then revoke their collaborator status

    but now i can’t.


    This is just a very small amount of the removals, but I can’t cover them all because I don’t have the time to write something as long as a novel in a reply to a post on an obscure forums site.

    As someone who’s been playing dreams since 2019 and has nearly 2000 hours in this game, this update is infuriating, we were promised so much with dreams (Online Multiplayer, Exporting, PC Port, etc) and it is never gonna happen now.


    TL;DR: The removals (and what Mm chose to remove too) are baffling.

  • Magawaan

    Hi Ryan


    I used to check my notification on indreams, but since the server migration, there are some issues I hope can get fixed:

    • Following feed: I don’t get all notification I get in Dreams. It seems news about stuff that got updated doesn’t reach indreams at all, only notification about published stuff.
    • I often have to refresh the website or/and sign in again to see new notifications.
    • Attached info like “TV only” goes over the border of a notification.


    Furthermore, maybe it’s due to the server migration, but many creations are tagged as “published” now when they are obviously not new and older online versions are present, and that goes for Dreams and indreams notifications. I get notifications for “published” creations whilst their newest version is over a year old. Maybe I just don’t get how versions work now, I just find it very confusing.

  • woogie2k

    Any changes I make to my homespace no longer get saved. For example I want to remove a music object from my homespace, but every time I delete it and return to the menu it reappears.
    Also, when I view my collections it takes a really long time to load everything. Is this a side effect of the new server or could that be fixed somehow?

  • Dante-Med

    Dear MM, please let me know how to get the Pop All the Bubbles trophy, I am stuck at 163 bubbles out of 176, the rest just don't register even if I have collected them all. I can tell you the ones that don't register are:

    1 in The Wilderness (The one you get after bribing the dog)

    2 in The Meridian Forest (Two bubbles in the beginning)

    3 in The Ticket Song

    2 in The Chillout Song

    4 in The Password Song

    1 in The Triumph of Imagination (I guess the final one)

    I am sure I got everything, the last bubbles appeared in all of the songs as well. Please help.

  • UncleM_Games

    On many Dreams i am getting the error "Preload Failed" 
    This never happened prior to the server migration.
    Many Dreams are now unplayable to me.


    I’m very disappointed.

    I’ve been learning Dreams for 3 years. I’ve been animating and working to build up a fan base and i was doing good in that department. I’ve been making animations and characters, just to see the server was migrating,

    I had hope for Dreams. I worked on many games on there. I have no experience with Blender and Unity, but I thought Dreams was the next best option for easy access to powerful tools and easy access to literally any asset for your scenes. Dreams was a fun game. The problem was, the game slowly died.

    Getting a platinum on Dreams now is impossible from what I’ve heard because of the removed features. I hope you know how many people will never care to pick up another game by you again. I could understand why you could’ve cut down on the server stuff and removed SOME reasonable features, but why? Was there a point?

    I hate the fact that this game had a 10 YEAR PLAN, just to be cut short. There is so much backlash, and how do you not realize?!? Many features like multiplayer never came out. But just put in the “In research” section. You’ve killed off this game faster than I’ve seen any company do. It’s devastating to have 3 years of work slowly fade away, just to move to an application I’m unfamiliar with. It’s frustrating to see half of a community leave a community because some poor decisions. The PLAYERS are the people who help your games stand. Without them, the game would be nothing. 

    And also to see people who have Impys literally tell you that these decisions were poorly made.

    Dreams was a fun game that was interesting and atleast hit the nail on its head with what it was intended to be - a fun creative game that took “Play, Create, Share” to a new level. There were creative games, animations, and even movies. 

    I was getting better at animating and character design for it not to matter soon. Congrats on killing of an entire game that was supposed to live 10 years, cut short. I’ll never pick up another game from you again unless it’s something that truly could be somehow better than Dreams. 


    As again, Congratulations! Thanks for 3+ years of nothing!

  • UncleM_Games

    Any update on the "Preload failed" bug that was introduced with the server migration?

    Also, potentially related, in creation mode, when trying to stamp elements from the Dreamiverse, many just do not load in to the scene.  

    All of this seems to be server related

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