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Preload Failed Bug

  • UncleM_Games

    Is this being worked on?  This issue is ruining the enjoyment of Dreams.  I dont seem to get the error when first opening a Dream as often, but when I am in a game and playing, loading the next scene will often cause the bug.  Some great creations that i just cant play through

  • Ryan Wilkinson Mm Team

    Hi UncleM_Games

    Unfortunately, this is an issue we're already aware of and have previously looked into. So that I can give you further information about this and a possible solution, please raise a ticket with me here; 

  • UncleM_Games

    Thanks for the reply.  I believe i did submit a ticket at the time of the original post (i will again).  Is there a reason that possible solutions can not be posted publicly?  I know i am not the only one experiencing this issue.  Also, with your use of past tense, am i to infer that a fix is not in the works and that this is simply the new reality of  the Dreams experience?

  • UncleM_Games

    Uh, this is what i get from the link you posted...  lol   I'll try the Raise a ticket button.

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