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How can I remove the "shooter" aspects from Mm's FPS template?

  • CLOUD1985

    You can create your own by attaching a camera gadget to a standard or deluxe puppet.
    You may want to make the puppet head invisible and alter the camera view to essentially look through the puppets eyes.

    You can then activate the camera whenever the puppet is possessed.

  • Supposer

    '@CLOUD: I was aware of that. Though, having worked with that solution before, there are oddities that cause problems in some situations.

    I'm pretty sure it would be possible to convert Mm's template to not have the gun stuff; it's just a normal puppet with added logic, after all. I was just hoping someone could actually tell me how to do it without breaking the whole thing.

  • Pookachoo

    I’m not sure about modifying the Mm template, but I know there’s a community created first person puppet that might fit your needs, it’s just the puppet. It can be found in a the Tools Bag of my CoMmunity Popit collection :)

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