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How do I temporarily turn off/prevent running?

  • JRL101

    Maybe put the running command into a chip, and turn it off when you activate the stair climbing animation?

  • Supposer

    '@JRL: The running stuff is part of the puppet itself, so there's no way I can see of removing it into its own chip to turn on and off.

  • CLOUD1985

    Maybe try a trigger zone that activates another keyframe. The keyframe can be used to set the running speed in the puppet tweak menu to a very low or zero value, preventing the puppet from running in that area

  • Supposer

    '@CLOUD: The problem is that the different states have built-in keyframes (or something similar) of their own. So when you push the stick far enough, it goes into "running mode" and changes the settings. So you can make the run slower, but those other settings will still change if you push the stick. (In this case, the particular setting that's problematic is the stride, which I want set lower so the puppet doesn't bound up 2 steps at a time.)

    It would be fine if I just wanted to turn running off altogether, but I only want to do this temporarily. It would be fine if the running settings were in an actual keyframe so I could turn it on and off, but it's built into the puppet itself with no actual keyframe gadget. It would be fine if the running stuff wasn't a keyframe-like thing but just another page of settings so that I could override with my own keyframe, but because it's a hidden keyframe, they interfere with each other and mess things up.

  • Teebonesy

    If running is activated when the stick is pushed a certain degree, say more than 50%, might there be a way to intercept the analog stick signal from the controller sensor and max it at .5 before it goes into the puppet interface? Can't quite recall how it's set up and it's not in front of me!

  • CptOblivion

    Dunno if you're still looking for an answer to this, but you can plug logic into the run speed of your character- if you use trigger zones on the stairs and a tag on the character, you can set the run speed to 0 when the tag is in the trigger zones (you can also use it to, for example, set a different animation on stairs, etc)

    I slapped together an example, I'll publish it in a moment

  • Supposer

    '@CptOblivion: That works fine. Thanks!

    Now I'm trying to figure out *why* it works. XD You'd think the run settings (eg. arm flail) would still be activated, but it's not. It seems if run speed is <= walk speed, it's completely ignored. Also there's other strangeness like: walk speed seems to not affect *speed* at all. ?

  • CptOblivion

    I'd have to do some more experiments (not at the ps4 at the moment) but I seem to remember changing the walk speed and seeing the character's speed change, but only if the run speed is lower than it. If run speed is higher than walk speed the walk speed seems to instead act as a threshold to switch between animations, and the run speed controls the top speed.

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