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How Do I: move controllers mega thread

  • mmdev1 - John & Luci

    I'll try and add to this when I get some time :) - John

  • Wertandrew

    I think I am having trouble using the Move controllers. I just got them for Dreams so its a new experience using them. How do they work in Dreams? I mean, I can use them in the PS4 menus, but not in Dreams. I even disabled the DS4 controller and I still can't use them. If you could add some basic first-time controls, that would be very helpful! Thanks!

  • QuantumSpanner

    I'm finding it quite difficult to rotate around specific items.
    I think an option to grab an item, and rotate center it, and rotate specifically around that would be good. Or perhaps there is one and I'm missing it?

  • dr_murk

    '@QuantumSpanner I agree with you on that.

  • dr_murk

    Darn, I can't edit the original thread like I was hoping :( Regardless, here's another helpful tip!

    The tutorials refer a lot to switching to "subtract mode" by hitting triangle. This is done by tapping the top of the second controller to the bottom of the first controller, same as in sculpting.

  • mmdev5 - Liam

    Hey folks,

    There is a tutorial to help you get used to how the Move controllers work in Dreams. If you haven't already, it's worth giving that a go -- it should help you get started and get your head around the basic controls.

    It can be found in the Dreams Workshop, and is called "Start Dreaming: Motion Controllers".

    Please do let us know how it goes, and if you have any problems :)

    - Liam

  • QuantumSpanner

    Yeah I've played it but I'm still finding it quite difficult. It's mainly the rotating and strafing that I'm finding difficult, I've got a good enough grasp on the zooming in and out.
    I'm assuming the rest of the tutorials will support move controllers at some stage?

  • dr_murk

    Undo and redo is tied to the first controller's square button. It will undo if the controller is tilted left, and redo if the controller is tilted right.

  • QuantumSpanner

    Thank you, undo being tied to the tilt is what was confusing me.

  • davidnorth100

    I don't quite understand how "imp scaling" works. Is this a shortcut for what happens when you hold both move buttons and move the controllers closer or further apart?

  • Schlomonator

    I like how you can actually move the cursors through space instead of only moving a cursor with the DS4. I wonder if a 3D mode would be possible with the DS4, using camera tracking.

    But yeah, as long as the basic Move tutorials are missing parts 2-4 (which are shown in the main menu but not actually available), I find it too frustrating to figure everything out.

  • adigyrank

    working with moves is much easier than DS4. For some reason (maybe bug) group tools doesn`t appear when you select with moves, when i use DS4 for that selection i can save.
    Undo redo is not working on DS4 when you using moves

  • climber39

    Is there a quick way to play/reset scene with moves?

  • climber39

    The motion controls I’ve figured out in sculpting are:
    Tap tops together to resize
    Tap bottoms to toggle mirror
    Tap top right to bottom left to toggle color wheel
    Tap left to bottom right for cut vs add

    I have one thing I’m trying to figure out. I remember in a stream seeing someone spin the object while using the smear tool to create a spiral type of smear, how do you get your object to spin as you smear it?

  • dr_murk

    '@climber39 I've also been searching for that but with no luck. I'm worried they removed it.

  • Nikidan

    hey, that would be a great idea. I bought a pack of moves just for dreams, to be quite honest tho, I'm having pretty much a hard time navigating the camera with it.

    moving around works kind of okay for me, but when I just want to look around (and then look back without having the camera tilted like crazy but) I just can't seem to get my head around it.

    I played the move specific tutorials which were a good help. but so far I still prefer the ds4 for camera work alone. both hands having mirrored rotate orientations is just another thing for me to get to grips with. (also the moves are BRIGHT! - nice feature of MM to detect ds4 and dim the moves ??)

    I also tried the 'invert axis' option under the controls option, but then it was messed up for controller again.
    quick idea: maybe have separated 'invert axis' settings for ds4 and moves each?


  • whimsician

    Looking for assistance in grouping with the Moves. I think I did it once but I don’t know how.

  • Danfromumbrella

    I have a couple questions if anyone can help: ( I'm new to these creation type games so be easy on me )

    1. When I was sculpting a face onto the dummy and put it on top of it when I went to play mode the head falls off. What am I forgetting to do?

    2. Sometimes when I want to sculpt on another object it greys out the world and doesn't let me. Again what am I doing wrong?

    I probably should play through every single tutorial but I was impatient on the first day and wanted to just go wild with the tools. Big mistake ;)

    Any help will be appreciated I know i'm not really explaining it THAT well.

  • ProtosH

    so I love the moves so far

    * we needs an option to invert camera specific for the moves and another for ds4 guys !

    * press O on left move to resize the shape you were holding by approaching or distancing the top of the moves

    * scaling as I understand it is a way to adapt the imps to the shape on a your screen and it allows you to move more efficiently in 3d BUT when you cancel the scaling (tap X on 1:1 icon) you get a more precise motion set with the moves (better for sculpting I guess)

  • ProtosH

    Forgot :

    * How to rewind with the moves without going into assembly menu ?

    * How to use up down camera view while possessing with the moves ?

    * How to make appear the tool to group on the left move ?

  • Schlomonator

    Anyone figured out how to start the auto rotation of a part when sculpting/smearing?

  • mmdev3 - Pablo and Rich

    Commonly used gestures for Moves in sculpt mode (some work in other modes too):

    - Tap orbs together for non-uniform brush scale (secondary T to commit)
    - Tap Secondary Orb to Primary base to toggle subtractive/additive
    - Tap bases together to toggle mirror mode
    - Tap primary orb to secondary base for colour picker
    - Twist or tilt primary controller left/right and press square to undo/redo
    - Hold secondary circle and twist/tilt for uniform scale
    - Hold secondary x and twist/tilt for looseness
    - - Hold secondary circle and twist/tilt for uniform scale
    - Hold secondary square and twist/tilt for blend (press primary triangle while doing this to switch between soft/hard blend)
    - Press triangle to toggle stamp/smear shape
    - Press triangle when grabbing/moving to realign to grid
    - double tap secondary circle when sculpting to go into spin shape mode. Grab and flick with secondary T to spin the shape, then paint to get spiral effects

    If I think of more I'll let you know :-)


  • cylermi

    That undo/redo on the Moves is super clever but I never knew about it! No wonder it seemed to do one or the other randomly. Thanks!

  • hawkian

    Thanks for making this thread! It's a great idea especially since many people (myself included) are probably using Move controllers for the first time with Dreams.

    Moving the camera around with the Moves definitely takes some getting used to and is something of a skill in and of itself. While the tutorial does a good job of introducing how you "get around" in 3D space, I'm still wrapping my head around camera reorientation.

    I recommend that you. Go through all 4 of the basic Start Dreaming tutorials with the DS4 as they intend, then go through the 1 motion controller tutorial that exists. Then, go back to the second tutorial and go through it as well as 3 and 4 with the Moves. It won't tell you the exact buttons/motions to use, but through context and the prompts on the imps you can figure things out. Getting through these using only the motion controls once you already know what the DS4 controls are doing in the same situation is extremely helpful toward getting the hang of things.

  • mmdev3 - Pablo and Rich

    Great advice @hawkian there are more moves tutorials being made but this approach will help you learn.

    My advice with the grabcam is to pay attention to where you grab in space, and always remember to set your imp reach to the objects you're working with, so that they are at arms length.

    Also, when you grab with the grabcam, just give the controller a little wiggle to get a better idea of exactly where you have grabbed in space.

    You will get used to it, trust me ;-)

    - Rich

  • mmdev3 - Pablo and Rich

    Start/Rewind Time are only accessible from the assembly menu I'm afraid.

    - Rich

  • mmdev3 - Pablo and Rich

    Bear in mind that you can twist OR tilt the controllers to activate the gestural stuff.

    - Rich

  • hawkian

    Thanks for the advice about doing a little controller waggling to identify where you are in space!

    Start/Rewind time would be great to have a shortcut to as you have dedicated buttons for them on the DS4, but the assembly menu does work pretty great with the Moves at least.

    For moving the camera around with the grabcam, definitely remember that moving your hand through the air is akin to panning/moving the world, while rotating or tilting your hand (keeping the controller in place and moving your wrist) will rotate the camera. You need to get used to grabbing and letting go, then regrabbing, to (for example) quickly turn the view around 180 degrees.


    Man no wonder Kareem is such a Sculpt Jedi, I went back and watched the streams and noticed he moved so fast and didn’t even go into the menu so was like how in the hell is he pulling this off.

    Btw Mm the primary controller top tapped to the secondary base for color picker is not working atleast for me anyways, not sure if anyone else is having that issue.

  • mmdev3 - Pablo and Rich

    Good point @hawkian. Get used to adjusting and moving the camera a lot, and making gestures in multiple steps, to keep things comfortable and not awkward. Also setting your imp reach with the move buttons.

    Also alternating between your hands with the grabcam to move around like you are climbing/crawling. Sound odd but that's the nearest I can equate it to.

    It is a very different methodology to working with the Dualshock, but when you get used to it you will be amazed how ergonomic it can be. Just watch Kareem for an example. :-)

    - Rich

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