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How To... Export and Import Dreamiverse Music

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Something to be aware of is, if there are frame issues, you may have playback problems between cuts of the track. Sound gadgets aren't guaranteed to stay in sync, as they run in audio-time, not gameplay-time. But the timeline runs in gameplay-time. There is a setting to "ignore framerate" which simply makes micro-adjustments to the timeline playback speed to compensate for framerate fluctuations. But that isn't necessarily what you want to have happen for music anyway, and can lead to other syncing weirdness between cuts.

    For my audiobook (still in the works) I figured out the same trick, with the notes. I've got a 40 minute narration all in the same element with a ton of gameplay left. For example, one scene that's 8 minutes long would only use a handful of gadgets. Plus, because they're shorter notes, with gaps between, they're less likely to go out of sync (noticeably).

  • giant585dark

    Wow this is such a great guide. Thank you for making this, very useful.

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