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  • Sir-Green-Day created a post,

    Error publishing Dream

    Im trying to Release my Dream.I've placed the Scene in a Dream.I made each element Make Public and Make Visible.When I try to publish it I get the error, "Publishing Element Failed".What does this ...

  • Sir-Green-Day created a post,

    Q about adding time to a Timer via logic.

    I have a couple of unrelated Q's.1. Is there a way to add time to a timer via logic?Let's say I have a main timer set to 1 minute.I also have a variable tracking # of pickups. Every the player coll...

  • Sir-Green-Day created a post,

    Q about starting a scene with a cutscene.

    I  have a cut scene I want to start as soon as the scene starts.  ​​​​​​​I've got the camera setup etc,  how do I make the Timeline activate as soon as the screen starts?When I made cut scenes in L...

  • Sir-Green-Day created a post,

    Help with Emitter and Destroyer issue.

    #1Here's the basics.I have a cup that travels L/R only in a static scene.I have an Emitter emitting balls into the air.When the cup catches a ball, I want a sound to play and the ball destroyed.I'l...

  • Sir-Green-Day created a post,

    Q about creating realistic textures.

    I've seen sculptures that look like shiny plastic and others that look like metal with razor sharp edges.How do you get these effects and the realistic sharp edges?I've tried messing with all of th...

  • Sir-Green-Day created a post,

    Problem with Emitter and a logic Q

    Things in Dreams are so much more difficult to do then they were in LBP. LolI have an Emitter issue. And a logic Q.I'm having issues choosing the spot for the Emitted object, which is just a round ...

  • Sir-Green-Day created a post,

    Help displaying pickup progress like: 5/10

    How do I display pickup progress that looks like: 2 / 10.In other words, the progress the player is making.Do I need a separate # display and text display? That would work, but it'd be 2 different...

  • Sir-Green-Day created a post,

    Move Emitted object start point

    How do I move the point which my emitted object emits from?One I choose it in the Emitter to be Emitted, I can't grab the object anymore. Thanks.

  • Sir-Green-Day created a post,

    What exactly do Nodes do?

    I know they can he used as pass through to keep your wiring neat, but I see them used all over the place and I have no idea what their purpose is.I read the pop-up tutorial, but I'm still not sure.

  • Sir-Green-Day commented,

    Um, you can do 99% if what you're complaining about.- You can definitely make razor sharp edges.- You can make fliders and name them and put anything you want in them. Its obvious that you haven't...