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Start a signal generator from an offset defined by an input wire?

  • marcilein98

    Use a combiner and set it to 4 Numbers, now you can specify all 4 offsets

  • Skn3--

    Eh? How does that work? And what 4 offsets are you talking about?

  • marcilein98

    I may have misunderstood but I thought you wanted to manipulate the value range in the signal manipulators custom remapper. You do that by setting a combiner to 4 values and then assign 4 values to min/max output , min/max input

  • Skn3--

    No I am looking to change the starting offset via a wire. There is a slider for this, but I can’t figure out how to feed a value to this and then have the signal generator continue from that point.

  • PassTheRizla

    Have you tried to blend the input? (hover imp over input tab press X)

    I hit that problem & can't remember if that works or i tried something else, i would be interested to know how it should be done.

  • Supposer

    Blend (O) weights a signal’s inputs based on its source’s power. So the way I did it is this:

    Hook the value you want to set up to the setting’s input. Wire the setting’s output through a passthrough port back into itself. Power the port off. While in this state, only the new value will be changing the setting.

    Then later you need to power off the new value source and power on the port. In this state, only the setting’s current value will change the setting’s value.

    The trick is getting the timing right. It seems a frame delay isn’t always long enough for the vakue to be updated—depending on the kind of source for the new value.

    So you may have to use timers or even a timeline to get the timing just right.

  • Skn3--

    Supposed, you I pretty much tried this method just without adding a delay. I’ll give that a try. Thanks

    Surely there must be a more solid way to achieve this though? It kind of applies to many things you want to set “once” but not override...

  • Skn3--


  • mawltea

    I'm also looking for a solution to this. I thought the blend modes on the wires would do the trick, but no cigar!

  • mawltea

    I figured it out (for my use anyway, hopefully it'll work for you too).

    Hook the signal up to a (second) signal manipulator first, use the remapper mode, and set the output to whatever you want the offset to be (so if you want the signal to start at 30, set the output to 0.3 - and no easy in or out). Also, use the "overwrite" blend mode for the wire input to your second signal manipulator. That did the trick for me.

  • Skn3--

    Cool thanks, will give it a try!

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