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Creating a fully custom puppet

  • phort

    I saw this comment from an Mm person:

    Maybe turning off "physical" or "movable" after connecting the joint is needed to make the joints not become floppy? I'll have to investigate this.

  • phort

    I tried a lot of things, and still wasn't able to solve the floppy limbs problem. There's also an issue with giving your puppet a default keyframe, as it makes your character impossible to animate any time the keyframe is active. My hack for now has just been to put a toggle switch in my character that disables the idle animation and I press that button any time I need to edit keyframes.

  • elliottbw (elldude9)

    Even creating custom animations for the existing puppet's limbs is utterly impossible. While you record, things either clip, flip over, get confused, snap from one angle to another (with neither angle being the one you want to set it to), or a multitude of other behaviours that lead me to believe that the puppet is performing some sort of demonic ritual.

  • phort

    '@elliottbw sounds like maybe you have the Precise Move toggle turned on, under the Guides menu. It's located here in the menu:

    Check if turning that off helps.

  • Supposer

    '@elliot: Or perhaps you have "stay upright" turned on?

  • mrindesign

    Definitely need a video tutorial for this. Guess that's gonna come with the official release.

  • Salesmunn

    This is ridiculously insane to do in-game. I understand all of the logic and procedures and why these need to be done but the act of manipulating with the DS4 or the Move controllers is a constant burden.

    I loved creating in LBP1-3 but this has really turned me off.

  • lovesuucks

    Can someone exlpain to me how to individualy resculpt the puppet's parts ? I found how to move them for exemple but not at all how to just select the head for exemple to reshape it and sculpt it directly. Thank you :)

  • Supposer

    '@Love: Just scope into the head. Keep scoping in until you're in sculpting mode. Now you're sculpting the head.

  • lovesuucks

    '@supposer thank you i will try that !! :3

  • Sir-Green-Day

    I can't connect the pelvis to my sculpted part.

    Its becausee as soon ad i go into the puppets properties everything else is greyed out and unavailable.

    How do I connect to various sculptures?

  • Ninjexcan

    Can you possible demonstrate by making a video. Ik it seem simple to you by now but i cant seem to follow along with your writen instruction.

  • RyansDreamBox

    I used this to help me make a four legged quadruped. I'm slowly coming along with the animation for it and I'm pleased with how smooth the animation can be made, but I still wish to death that MM would make a quadruped puppet for us. There are so many neat things we can't do with them as easy as the bipeds. However, I do find use for leaving the Procedural Animation button on as long as "Breathiness" is turned down to zero. It allows the built in use of the motion sensor. Leaving Procedural Walk on doesn't affect the front legs, but it makes the back legs do weird things. It's too bad because it was fun to mess with the other tweaks and some of them would blend okay if it weren't for the problems with the back legs.

  • Xenareee

    A message to everyone with the floppy limbs problem:

    Disable the "movable" aspect of every sculpt that is floppy. It's in the physics menu.

    And that's it. It won't prevent you from animating or moving it - it just disables the physics for the sculpt.

  • is it possible to make a puppet that has other puppets for limbs?? I’ve been trying to figure this out but I can’t seem to. I think it would be a really funny thing.

  • TAPgiles

    Yung: You could just scope a puppet into another puppet. But it wouldn't procedurally animate very well. You could just use the rig inside the puppet group and put that into the other puppet and it would flop about if you like.

  • hiramaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    what i do is i make the seperate body parts, group them, bring in a deluxe blank puppet, scope the custom puppet into it, delete the normal puppet, then set the body structure. also use ball joints to connect the body parts

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