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  • RorschachJak

    yo about to hop in right now, also nice to see you in here project

  • Matthias

    You can edit the style for now in a list but you can't edit it completely it seems.

  • adigyrank

    imp or connie?

  • Mm_pfield

    You currently cant change your character in your homespace but the intention is that you can stamp new characters into your homepsace and swap between them :)

  • se24vad

    side question: can anyone explain the idea of having a homespace to me? there are menus and collections and stuff. why even have a homespace (just for decoration purpose)??

  • mmdev7

    There are some big plans for Homespace but for Beta we focussed on getting the tools done and out to everyone. So hopefully soon we can develop it further and it will make more sense :)

    Cheers - Peter

  • KCoyote666

    Will our homespaces save post beta?

  • Mm Dev- Ed / Martin


    The core idea of the home space is to give people really easy, low barrier to entry form of expressing themselves. If players find full create mode intimidating, we hope that people will at least be able to make their mark in a simpler fashion if they want to.

    As Peter said, we have much bigger plans for the home space in the future, but that's the central ideal: creation for everyone.

  • se24vad

    '@Martin oh, good then! :) thank you for clarifying that for me.

  • corbinivon

    I saw a few of your vids, sorry for seeming so sassy.

  • RadiantTwo

    I get that you want to provide a watered down version of the home space for new dreamers but you might want to leave the UI the same with certain advanced features locked out. I got very confused after trying to position blocks mid air which auto align to the ground and then jumped into the tutorials and everything worked much better (as per the normal navigation). Having the 2 flavours between home and create I think hindered my early experience as I wanted to jump in position objects in 3D space in my home world.

    I would say keep collectable object stamping, stickers, rotate and re-size and also include the align tools and option to move objects in 3D space (i.e off the ground) and have the align triangle.

    I love the concept of homespace and look forward to seeing how they develop, it's a great place to chill and warm up prior to getting stuck in to some level design but let players learn one interface at a slower pace, not 2.

  • RadiantTwo

    Had a thought about this, perhaps you could unlock menu items in homepace following completion of tutorials or imp challenges. A way to introduce new users to the menu's in a safe place.

  • MadPropz101

    I'm expecting nothing less than a fully customizable Homespace at launch, basically I think we should have the option to use any scene we have made as our Homespace.

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